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The "Box Office and Beyond: the cultural, social and economic impact of cinema" report is out now

The International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas (CICAE) and Europa Cinemas release a new report "Box Office and Beyond: the cultural, social and economic impact of cinema."

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This joint report by the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas (CICAE), Europa Cinemas and authored by Omdia explores the pivotal role of cinemas in promoting diverse films and perspectives, supporting local communities, and enhancing social connectedness, emphasising the unique, irreplaceable experience of the Big Screen. Offering a 360° perspective of European and global cinemas, "Box Office and Beyond" also serves as a welcome letter to the new Members of the European Parliament elected last weekend and as an informative tool for political decision-makers everywhere. 

Discover how cinemas continue to be a pivotal cultural and social activity across Europe, fostering community engagement and driving the film ecosystem. Moreover, with around 40,000 screens in 12,300 cinemas employing close to 100,000 people in major European countries alone, cinemas remain a central factor within the media economy.  

"Europa Cinemas is very pleased to have produced this study, in close partnership with UNIC and CICAE to take stock of the post-COVID exhibition sector. What emerges is that cinemas are more vibrant than ever! Film theatres play a key role in the circulation of European films and the discovery of new directors and talents. They are an essential link in the film value chain and in a more-than-ever competitive world of offers and markets, there is a growing film culture throughout Europe, in towns and cities large and small. Innovation is at the heart of what exhibitors do. They've understood the changes in film-watching habits and have as a result adapted to reach out with and engage with new and diverse audiences and communities. Young people want to go and see films in a cinema!" said Fatima Djoumer, CEO – Europa Cinemas.

"This joint report highlights what makes European cinemas so special and unique. In a  landscape that is incredibly diverse, from multiplexes to single screens, from municipal cinemas to independents, all strive constantly to innovate and bring the best to audiences. Cherished community and cultural hubs, European cinemas also drive local economies and provide local jobs. We want to welcome new Members of the European Parliament and hope that they will support cinemas to continue to do what they do best – bringing great stories to the Big Screen and creating magical memories.” said Laura Houlgatte, UNIC, CEO.

"This joint study illustrates, once more, the diversity of the cinema landscape and of their pivotal role for cultural diversity and the health of the audiovosiual ecosystem. Within their local communities and for the global audiovisual sector at large, mission-driven cinemas remain crucial economic, cultural, and social hubs that are essential for preserving our rich cultural heritage, promoting local talent, and supporting the creative economy. They are the last mile for any film to reach and form a connection with audiences of all backgrounds." said Dr Christian Bräuer, CICAE President.

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