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Expert Groups

The UNIC Expert Groups bring together senior executives from Europe‚Äôs leading cinema exhibitors and provide them with a platform to engage with each other and share insights on recent developments in the global cinema industry. 

The UNIC Technology Group brings together senior cinema technology executives from across Europe. It monitors and evaluates technology trends and innovation cycles in the film industry and advises UNIC's Board of Directors on key positions regarding ongoing technological developments across the cinema landscape. 

The UNIC Marketing Group brings together marketing executives from major European cinema operators. It shares insights and opinions regarding key audience trends across Europe and examines the latest engagement opportunities in cinema as well as in other industries. 

The UNIC Retail Group brings together retail and concessions managers from leading cinema operators. In order to help European exhibitors of all sizes and locations optimise their retail business, the group conducts research, shares best practice and initiates experiments to make retail in cinemas more imaginative and consumer-friendly.

The UNIC Circular Economy Retail Group was launched in November 2019 to elaborate tangible next steps needed in order to create a sustainability roadmap for cinema exhibition in Europe.