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3 Q's with Tero Koistinen

For this month's edition of Big Screen Feature - providing a behind-the-scenes look at the world of cinema and distribution advocacy through the eyes of professionals themselves - Tero Koistinen, CEO, The Finnish Chamber of Films, discusses the job itself and the value of the Big Screen.

Describe your typical day at work.

My typical day at work involves influencing developments in the film sector and helping members as well as keeping on top of what is happening in the film industry and society at large. 

The working day includes meetings with various associations and government committees, answering questions and gathering information.

I also deal with a number of requests from association members – cinemas, distributors – and also from the media. These can be about piracy, who distributes a specific film, about admission figures or the number of Finnish cinemas and screens. 

The most rewarding part of the job is knowing that you have helped people and the cultural sector.

As a result of our organisation’s work,  the authorities and the media trust us and use us as a reliable source of information.

The Moment you fell in Love with the Big Screen?

I fell in love with the Big Screen as a child. There was always something inexplicably wonderful and aspirational about the experience of going to the cinema. As a child, the dark hall and the focus on the film alone was a magical experience. It was also a relatively rare experience: once a month my father gave me money to go to the cinema. Sometimes I would spend several months' worth of tickets in a couple of weeks.
The best thing about the cinema experience?

Personally, year after year it has become more and more important to me that going to the cinema allows me to focus completely on the film, with no distraction. I used to think that technical immersion in the film and having the best possible picture and sound was the greatest thing in a cinema. Nowadays I think differently. The more focus a film requires, the harder it is to watch it at home because of all the modern distractions (social media, etc.). But in a cinema, I can give my full attention to the film and the film only. 

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