CJ’s Top 50 Women in Global Cinema 2020

Huge congratulations to Celluloid Junkie’s Top 50 Women in Global Cinema 2020! We’re delighted to see our very own Laura Houlgatte alongside so many members and participants of our mentoring scheme on this stellar list of inspiring women who shape our industry.

Each year, our friends over at Celluloid Junkie recognise the Top 50 Women in Global Cinema – a list of female leaders whose hard work, expertise and passion for our simply industry cannot be overstated.

This year, yesterday’s announcement was a very special one for us at UNIC. Not only did our CEO, Laura Houlgatte, take the top spot, but we are also extremely pleased and very proud to see so many of our fantastic members and participants from the UNIC Women’s Cinema Leadership Programme on the list.

We’d like to congratulate all 50 industry leaders on the richly deserved recognition for their continued efforts and commitment towards propelling the industry forward, to ensure that audiences the World over can continue to enjoy the magic of the Big Screen experience.

And we would also like to thank each and every one of them for everything they do to make the cinema sector so special.

From looking at the list, it’s with great certainty that we can all look forward to both continued prosperity for cinemas across the Globe and a very bright future for cinema-going.

Find out more about the UNIC Women’s cinema Leadership Programme here.

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