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UNIC Mentoring Scheme – Interview with Yorck Kino’s Lucie Morvan

What better way to celebrate the launch of the second edition of the UNIC Women’s Cinema Leadership Programme than to take a look at what made the first edition such a success through the eyes of one of our fantastic mentees? Here's an exclusive interview with Lucie Morvan, Executive Assistant at Yorck Kinogruppe - the largest cinema group in the city of Berlin and Europe's most extensive and acknowledged collection of arthouse cinemas.

You can also find an interview of Lucie’s Mentor, Paramount Pictures Spain’s Vice President & Managing Director Montse Gil as part of UNIC’s Big Screen Feature here.

And more information on the UNIC Women’s Cinema Leadership Programme can be found here.

What does the UNIC Women's Cinema Leadership Programme mean to you?

It means a lot to me. It serves as a positive and supportive space and means having time (real time) to exchange, share experiences and receive tips and advice from women with experience working in the field. It means defining your own career goals and counting on someone who provides support but also gives you honest feedback.

Besides that, my mentor and the other brilliant women I have met thanks to the mentoring programme showed me that you can be yourself and be a leader without playing a role or conforming to a stereotype or a model determined in advance. Plus, discovering that these women have not reached their current position overnight but faced doubts, fears, difficulties and sometimes also failures helps a lot to put one’s own career path into perspective.

How did you find the development process while working with your mentor?

Regarding the project on which we have been working together this year, I can see how helpful it has been for me to exchange views and opinions with my mentor. I have the feeling Montse always fully understood the situations I face or questions I have as she went through similar situations in the past. Additionally, the fact that I used to report project progress to Montse also encourages me to regularly take stock of the progress made. The changes do not have to be revolutionary. After a year, I could see how much has been achieved step by step.

I am lucky to have a boss who pushes me, always asks me for my opinion and gives me responsibilities. But I realised the barriers I used to put upon myself in my own way. Working with Montse encouraged me to better grasp the opportunities which I have been offered at work, take credit for what I accomplish and use the speaking time that I have. Thus, regarding my personal development I definitely gained confidence, maturity and, consequently, more visibility.

Why did you choose the cinema industry?

To me, the meaning of my work is essential. To work for something I believe in aligns with my personal values and, in a way, makes the world at least a little bit better. By allowing us to take a look at the world from a new angle, raising provocative questions, giving voices to people who have none and by crossing borders, cinema contributes to a better society. It does so all over the world.

Besides that, I love films and particularly sharing this experience with people. Cinema itself is a perfect place for that.

What role do initiatives like this play in promoting gender balance across the industry?

By offering a trusted environment, this mentoring scheme gives women the chance to exchange experiences and common challenges encountered during their career with one another.

Besides that, it gives the unique opportunity for networking with women in top-management positions.

By shining a spotlight on brilliant women who become role models for generations to come, these kinds of initiatives also open spaces for the future generation of women – and men.

What advice would you give female cinema professionals looking to take the next step in their career?

Do not be afraid of taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Do not underestimate your abilities.

Stick to your values.   


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