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CULT Committee Report on the Future of the Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027 adopted in Committee vote

On 20 February 2019, the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) voted to approve MEP and Rapporteur Silvia Costa’s Report on the future of the Creative Europe Programme for the period 2021-2027. UNIC would like to congratulate MEP Costa and her shadows for their excellent work on the file and thank them for their highly-appreciated efforts towards ensuring the continued prosperity of Europe’s cultural and creative sectors.

The Report includes a number of positive developments, most notably a budgetary allocation of €2.8b for the overall Creative Europe Programme, with no less than 58% of which being earmarked for its MEDIA strand – almost doubling its predecessor. This is of course a huge success and will not only go a long way towards enabling European culture and creativity to flourish, but also reflects the social, economic and cultural value of the European audiovisual sector – of which cinemas represent a key cornerstone.

UNIC is delighted with the focus on “Initiatives promoting audience engagement especially in cinemas and film and audiovisual education addressing in particular young audiences.” The text also places specific importance on a European cinema operators’ network who, through their work in screening non-national European films, contributing towards reinforcing “the role of cinema theatres in the value chain and highlighting public screenings as a social experience.” Furthermore, we are pleased to see a focus on theatrical distribution when aiming to enhance "enhance the transnational and international circulation, online and offline distribution" of European audiovisual works "in the new digital environment," as UNIC firmly believes that cinemas are integral to such actions. 

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