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What makes you happy in your career? Interview with Greta D'Este-Donelan, Director, Generation Media

For this month' interview, we are delighted to be joined by Greta D'Este-Donelan, Director, Generation Media.

UNIC: Tell us about your daily habits that keep you inspired and motivated.

Greta: I’d say that there are three key daily habits that are important to me.
Consume content regularly - from reading, to podcasting, to binging on a new series…or listening to music. It’s important for me to be exposed to as many and as varied ideas as possible.
Share - I like to share and discuss new ideas with people in the industry and my colleagues.
Finally, to always be curious.

UNIC: Looking back at your career journey, what are you the proudest of?

Greta: To have found my own voice. This required a real journey of self-discovery and acceptance. I still believe that finding your own communication style and being comfortable in your own skin is an absolute must.

UNIC: What were the biggest challenges you encountered throughout your leadership journey?

Greta: Pushing innovation has occasionally proven challenging, especially in corporate organisations. I had to learn to push my ideas in a way that was not perceived as too “disruptive” and introduce creativity and innovation at the same time.  

UNIC: Having a demanding role, how do you balance your work and personal life?

Greta: It’s an ongoing process and a huge challenge. I would say it’s critical to remember that I have a family, friends, and a range of interests outside work.
It was also important to me to find ways to compartmentalise work and life. For instance, I find writing down topics/issues helps me to have closure for the day. Then I can focus on other things.

UNIC: Did you have any mentors in your career?  Who has been a mentor to you?

Greta: I have had the good fortune to be exposed to strong leaders and independent thinkers. These individuals will always listen to you, regardless of your role and position in a company. They are often the best people to ask advice to, even outside a traditional/formal mentoring relationship.
When it comes to mentors, I’d like to mention Virginia Monaghan who was VP of Marketing & Commercial at Nickelodeon (and my boss).
Virg always believed in me. This formed the ideal ground to unlock skills and provide focus. Most importantly, under her mentorship, I gave myself the freedom to design a future career trajectory that was aligned with my passions and aspirations.
I am truly convinced that mentoring is one of the most powerful tools to achieve clarity and unlock potential.

UNIC: You were a mentor in the fifth edition of the UNIC Women's Cinema Leadership Programme. How was that experience for you?

Greta: It was a game-changing experience, that led to empowerment, friendships and being part of a wonderful community.
To be asked to contribute to this programme with my experience and my perspective was a huge privilege.

UNIC: What advice do you have for current mentors and mentees?

Greta: To all mentees, I’d say, define your journey at the very beginning. What makes you happy in your career? What are your values? What motivates you? If you can achieve clarity on these points at the start of your “journey”, you will make the most of this programme.
To all mentors: keep adding value and share your amazing journeys and stories!

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