Winners - Brief Cases cinema sustainability project

During our recent online Cinema Days, we were delighted to announce the winners of the first ‘Brief Cases’ cinema sustainability project!

You may have attended one of our sessions on sustainability at both CineEurope and the UNIC Cinema Days and, more recently, we’ve also set up the UNIC Circular Economy Retail Group to gather professionals from across the industry to shape the tangible next steps needed in order to create a sustainability roadmap for cinema exhibition in Europe.

In the pursuit of coming up with practical, realistic solutions and innovative means of ensuring and promoting sustainable practices, we’re always keen to hear new ideas and fresh perspectives.

And this is precisely where Brief Cases comes in! The project tasked 120 design students with designing innovative systems for packaging disposability and visual communications messaging with the aim of increasing the amount of disposable packaging being recycled by making the experience easier for guests and cinemas alike.

It was a real pleasure to team up with colleagues from London College of Communication (part of the University of the Arts London (UAL)), Norwich University of the Arts (NUA), the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), The Coca-Cola Company and The Blue Stocking Partnership to explore how to best support the journey towards a “greener” future.

We’d therefore like to offer our warmest congratulations to A Greener Screen and ABLE on being crowned the first-ever winners!

To provide a bit of background on the projects themselves, A Greener Screen (from students at London College of Communication Beth Conti, Megan Wear and Danielle Daley) is intended to ease the recycling process and reduce cross-contamination through a simplified bin system and corresponding package design that removes the need for separate waste streams.

ABLE (from NUA student Tom French) centres on compostable packaging and the ability to dispose of both food and packaging waste in the same receptacle, completely eliminating the need for waste separation and thus incentivising recycling and composting by reducing the amount of effort involved.

Special mention must also go to the other prize-winning campaigns and all of the students that took part. From seeing such passion and creativity, we can rest assured that the journey towards a “greener” future is well underway and promises to be an exciting one!  

More on the project can be found here 

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