AboutBoard of directors

Board of Directors

The UNIC Board of Directors is composed of national association members and runs for a two-year term. The current Board was elected at the UNIC General Assembly in Barcelona in June 2017.



Phil Clapp

CEO of the UK Cinema Association (UK)

Senior Vice-President

Jean-Pierre Decrette

Vice-President of the Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français


Kim Pedersen

CEO of Danske Biografer (Denmark)


Edna Epelbaum

President of the Association Cinématographique Suisse / Schweizerische Kinoverband (Switzerland)


Tomasz Jagiello

President of the Polish Cinema Association


Mario Mazzetti

CEO of the Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Cinema (Italy)

Vice-President and Treasurer

Jaime Tarrazón

Federación de Cines de España (Spain)