CineEurope est le plus grand et plus ancien marché professionel pour le secteur de l'exploitation en salle en Europe, au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique. Produit par le Film Expo Group, c'est la convention officielle de l'UNIC. Chaque été, des exploitants, des professionels de l'industrie du film et les principaux fournisseurs d'équipements et de services pour les salles se retrouvent à Barcelone pour échanger et découvrir les dernières tendances du secteur. CineEurope offre des projections exclusives des films à venir des principaux studios américains et européens, de nombreux séminaires et un salon professionnel. Les dernières technologies pour les salles de cinéma ou encore les principales innovations en termes de marketing et de confort pour les spectateurs sont présentées sur ce "vaste showroom".

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Souvenirs de CineEurope 2019

CineEurope online: Thank you for joining us!

On 17 & 18 of June, more than 1200 participants joined us for a one-time-only CineEurope online edition! Two exciting afternoons brought the industry together to share its passion for the Big Screen and look ahead to what comes next for our sector.

Together with our partners from Film Expo Group, we showcased a programme that aimed to increase that sense of togetherness. One of the sessions included an executive roundtable with Cathleen Taff (Walt Disney), Eddy Duquenne (Kinepolis), Mooky Greidinger (Cineworld) and Steven O’Dell (Sony Pictures), to discuss lessons learned from the pandemic and how to prepare for the “new normal”. The Coca-Cola session focused on how to rebuild audience confidence and emerge stronger from the crisis. Celluloid Junkie’s Patrick von Sychowski also presented the wide-ranging post-pandemic technologies that will keep moviegoers and staff safe, while Comscore’s session focused on the opportunities for our sector that have come out of these unprecedented times and David Hancock from Omdia highlighted the strength of our sector and explored the “way back” to reviving cinema-going.  

In addition, a virtual trade show floor made it possible for participants to engage with companies presenting their innovative solutions for the cinema-going experience. Most importantly, participants will still be able to access the trade show throughout the next 12 months!

Both Hollywood and European studios shared some of their incredible line-ups for the coming months and renowned talents underlined their love and support for the Big Screen. In addition, the Event Cinema Association (ECA) presented an exciting slate of their own.

These are just some of the insightful sessions that we hope entertained, informed and increased everyone’s confidence in what comes next for our industry. All in all, this year’s edition was all about the resistance of our sector and the power of cinema to bring everyone together, lift spirits and provide the escapism that we all need – especially in these testing times. 

We hope you enjoyed the ride too and we cannot wait to see you in person in Barcelona at CineEurope 2021, scheduled for June 21-24. Save the date!

You can access the trade show floors here and here and the recording of the event is available here.