2018 Wrap-Up

As the credits roll on 2018 with plenty to be excited about both on and off the Big Screen in 2019, here’s a brief look at UNIC’s activities over the past 12 months.

The year got off to a flying start with the news that cinema-going is thriving! Cinemas across UNIC territories celebrated increases of 2.5% in total admissions and 1.7% in box office in 2017, representing 1.34 billion visits to the cinema and €8.6 billion in revenues. We’re now eagerly anticipating 2018’s figures and looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  

This year UNIC bolstered its policy outreach in Brussels, upweighted its communications strategy, continued with its in-depth data collection and launched the second edition of its pioneering Women’s Cinema Leadership Programme.  

2018 brought with it many developments at the European level, including ongoing policy work on a broad range of files including the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme, the Satellite and Cable Directive and the EU Copyright Directive – to name just a few.

As always, UNIC published its 2018 Annual Report in Barcelona in June, detailing key trends, figures and policy developments in European cinema exhibition. In addition, 2018 saw the publication of European Cinema Facts & Figures in English, French and Spanish, providing clear and concise information on the contributions made by cinemas across Europe.

UNIC also continued its work as a founding member of the Global Cinema Federation, established in 2017, to represent cinema exhibition’s global interests and provide a unified voice for operators the world over. In 2018 this included the publication of position papers on a variety of issues and outreach efforts at major industry events.

Throughout the year, UNIC also organised a number of events both in Brussels and further afield. In February, UNIC held its annual conference at the European Parliament, which welcomed over 100 policy makers and industry representatives to discuss the future of the European cinema industry. Then, in March UNIC organised the first of its 2 screenings of the year, the Italian co-production Nico, 1988, in the heart of Brussels. Such events provide a means of celebrating the Big Screen experience in the best possible way – by coming together to watch fantastic films in cinemas.

Each year in June, UNIC co-organises CineEurope, the association’s annual convention and the largest of its kind in Europe. CineEurope 2018 was the biggest and most successful edition yet! Industry professionals from across Europe and beyond joined us in beautiful Barcelona to discuss current industry trends and network with colleagues.

UNIC also welcomed over 170 industry executives and key figures from the field of cinema exhibition to Brussels for its 5th annual Cinema Days, 2 days of insightful discussion and dynamic workshops, aimed at providing an opportunity for exchange on the latest developments in the ever-changing cinema business.

In November, UNIC’s second screening of the year took place. Policymakers from across the EU Institutions joined us for an exclusive premiere of the German candidate for “Best Foreign Language Film” at the 91st Academy Awards Werk Ohne Autor to celebrate cinema-going in Brussels.

Huge thanks to all of you that joined us at our events, picked up a copy of one of our publications and helped spread the word on the value, contributions and wonder of the Big Screen experience. We hope you all have a lovely time over the festive period and very much look forward to seeing you in the new year!

"I believe the need for shared experiences is bigger than ever."

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