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ISE and DCS in Amsterdam

Members of the UNIC Technology Group attended Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam on 12 February. ISE is the largest AV and systems integration show in the world, co-organised by AVIXA and CEDIA, the two leading industry associations for the global AV industry and in 2019, the trade show welcomed over 1,300 exhibitors and over 81,000 visitors to the RAI Amsterdam. A growing number of cinema operators attend the convention to keep up-to-date on recent developments in AV technology that could be of relevance to their business, in particular related to AV needs outside of the screening room.

In partnership with colleagues from the ICTA, the UNIC Technology Group took part in an exclusive tour of the trade show floor to discover ISE and the vast range of companies showcasing their products during the four-day event. Participants had the chance to discover some of the companies that provide solutions which could potentially be used to enhance the cinema-going experience. In addition to this, it was an opportunity to learn more about the other products and services that some of the key partners of the cinema industry provide to different customer-bases.

In addition to the trade show, ISE hosts various professional conferences, including the Digital Cinema Summit (DCS). With its first edition in 2019, the conference focuses on how digital cinema technology is transforming the cinema business, for cinema-goers and exhibitors alike. This year's programme included seminars on cinema advertising, event cinema and the impact of cinema technology on programming. UNIC representatives were directly involved in the event, as Kim Koch (General Manager, Cineplex), gave a presentation on the key drivers of cinema-going across Europe, looking deep into industry data of the past decades. Koch then joined Jaime Tarrazon (Senior Vice-President and Treasurer, UNIC), and Koen de Groot (Business Intelligence Analyst, NVPI) in a conversation moderated by Jan Runge (Independent Advisor, ICTA), looking at the future of the European cinema industry from an operator's point of view. 

Next year, ISE will move to Barcelona as the show continues to grow. More information can be found on

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