CineEurope online: Last chance to register!

With under a week to go, we have started the countdown to CineEurope online convention and simply cannot wait to see you on 17 & 18 June! If you haven’t had a sneak peek at our exciting schedule of events yet, we very much encourage you to do so as we’re particularly proud of what we have in store.

Together with our partners from the Film Expo Group we have put together a packed programme that will hopefully inform, entertain and lift everyone’s spirits. We have some great seminars lined up, starting with an executive roundtable on “The Future of the Global Cinema Sector: Preparing for the New Normal” and a session on “Cinema's Strength...And the Way Back”. Comscore will talk about opportunities for the sector and we will also have a very timely session on post-pandemic technologies. The Coca-Cola session will focus on how we as a sector can emerge stronger from the crisis.

You will also have the opportunity to visit our virtual Trade Show floor and engage with colleagues there. We have created a virtual floor plan that will allow you to check in with most of the companies that would have presented their solutions in Barcelona. Participants will also discover special clips from “back to the cinema” campaigns and hear from renowned European talents about their love of film and cinema.

Hollywood and European studios have answered our call and will join us with special messages - and one or two surprises. The Event Cinema Association will also unveil a special slate. These are just some of the exciting things waiting for you!

All in all, we aim to bring the industry together and celebrate our passion for the Big Screen experience and you simply cannot miss it!

Therefore, if you haven’t yet done so, please don’t forget to register by 15 June here. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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